Southend-On-Sea Big Readers Bookgroup

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 TitleAuthorPublishedMonth ReadChosen By
Tom's Midnight GardenPearce,Philippa1958-> 22 November 2021Catherine Worton
The Thursday Murder ClubOsman,Richard2020October 2021Ron Noble
The Sheep Look UpBrunner,John1972October 2021Sean Buckley
The NightingaleHannah,Kristin2015September 2021Karon Stretton
The Last House on Needless StreetWard,Catriona2021September 2021Michelle Thorn
PiranesiClarke,Susanna2020August 2021Sean Buckley
Klara and the SunIshiguro,Kazuo2021August 2021Ron Noble
Once Upon A RiverSetterfield,Diane2018July 2021David Worton
2001: A Space OdysseyClarke,Arthur1968July 2021Sarah Street
Still AliceGenova,Lisa2009June 2021Michelle Thorn
The Tattooist of AuschwitzMorris,Heather2018June 2021Clive Richardson
The Moon is DownSteinbeck,John1942May 2021Clive Richardson
Camino IslandGrisham,John2017May 2021Lisa Calver
The First Fifteen Lives of Harry AugustNorth,Claire2014April 2021Janice Cade
A Man Called OveBackman,Fredrik2012April 2021Karon Stretton
The Cider House RulesIrving,John1985March 2021Sarah Street
The Sweetness at the Bottom of the PieBradley,Alan2009March 2021Catherine Worton
The Book of Two WaysPicoult,Jodi2020February 2021Lisa Calver
The Midnight LibraryHaig,Matt2020February 2021Janice Cade
The Path of Good ResponseFrogley,Steve2020January 2021David Worton
HogfatherPratchett,Terry1996December 2020Sean Buckley
The Secret CommonwealthPullman,Philip2019November 2020Janice Cade
The ChildBarton,Fiona2017October 2020Ron Noble
The Song of AchillesMiller,Madeline2011October 2020Michelle Thorn
NeverwhereGaiman,Neil1996September 2020Michelle Thorn
Oryx and CrakeAtwood,Margaret2003August 2020Sarah Street
The CardturnerSachar,Louis2010August 2020David Worton
All Quiet on the Western FrontRemarque,Erich1929July 2020Janice Cade
The Velveteen RabbitWilliams,Margery1922July 2020Janice Cade
Agent Running in the Fieldle Carré,John2019June 2020Clive Richardson
Aeon Legion: LabyrinthBeaubien,J.P.2016June 2020Sean Buckley
Cannery RowSteinbeck,John1945May 2020Ron Noble
Case HistoriesAtkinson,Kate2004April 2020David Worton
OrlandoWoolf,Virginia1928March 2020Clive Richardson
A Knight of the Seven KingdomsMartin,George R.R.2015February 2020Sean Buckley
This is How You Lose the Time WarEl-Mohtar,Amil; Gladstone,Max2019January 2020Sarah Street
Mr Dickens and his CarolSilver,Samantha2017December 2019Michelle Thorn
The TestamentsAtwood,Margaret2019November 2019Agreement
Norwegian WoodMurakami,Haruki1987October 2019Sarah Street
You Let Me InClarke,Lucy2018October 2019Janice Cade
The Seven Deaths of Evelyn HardcastleTurton,Stuart2018September 2019Michelle Thorn
H(a)ppyBarker,Nicola2017September 2019Clive Richardson
The Incendium PlotSwanston,Andrew2017September 2019Ron Noble
Eleanor Oliphant is Completely FineHoneyman,Gail2017August 2019David Worton
The Death of the Fronzac Ascherson,Neal2017August 2019Sean Buckley
The History Of BeesLunde,Maja2017July 2019Janice Cade
Notes from an ExhibitionGale,Patrick2008June 2019Sarah Street
A Very British CoupMullin,Chris1982May 2019Sean Buckley
WeZamyatin,Yevgeny1924April 2019Clive Richardson
Dr. Moreau’s IslandWells,H.G.1896March 2019Ron Noble